Rhumveld, dedicated customer of Vorex LogisticsLarge consignments delivered by international trailersto minimise the handling of Rhumveld superfoods

Rhumveld Winter & Konijn is a long established Dutch company that specialises in the sourcing, processing and distribution of conventional and organic nuts, dried fruits and seeds.

The Requirement
‘Superfoods’ figure prominently and Rhumveld offers a full assortment of superfoods both conventional and organic. These include Chia, cranberries, Goji berries, hemp seed, Inca berries, mulberries and quinoa. With its head office and main warehouse in The Netherlands and branch offices in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Estonia and Slovenia, the company wanted super logistics companies to deliver the goods to customers across Europe.

The Solution
Vorex Logistics, Rhumveld’s dedicated logistics partner for the United Kingdom and other European countries, uses the Partnerlink UK network, centrally controlled by the Knights of Old group, for its UK distribution. Both Vorex Logistics and the Knights of Old group are members of Partnerlink Europe, a network of professional, renowned family-owned businesses with a proven track record of high quality transport and logistics services.

Vorex Logistics collects multiple shipments from Rhumveld’s Dutch warehouses on a daily basis for delivery across the UK with a guaranteed delivery of within 72 hours. Most shipments are delivered ‘on wheels’ by Vorex Logistics trailers and a substantial number of small consignments are handled through the Partnerlink UK network controlled by the main Knights of Old site in Kettering.

The Partnerlink UK network enables deliveries to reach customers within 48 hours, regardless of size. Partnerlink delivers to more than 35 locations and quantities range from a single pallet to a full truckload.

Deliveries are made to between three and seven locations a day and average shipments are four pallets. There is a flow back to Holland from the UK warehouse, which is used to optimise vehicle utilisation. Volumes fluctuate over the year but there are no specific peak periods.

Food and food ingredients need to be handled with the utmost care and transport has to be in accordance with HACCP and BRC guidelines. Vorex Logistics also has the SKAL organic accreditation, which means they understand how to handle sensitive organic food ingredients.

Rhumveld and Vorex Logistics recognise opportunities and work closely together to grow and expand the collaboration. Vorex Logistics and The Knights of Old Group have been actively involved in the UK deliveries for Rhumveld since June 2013. The collaboration between Vorex Logistics and the Knights of Old Group dates back to 2004.

Voice of the Customer
Robin Fitzgibbon, of Rhumveld UK, says: ‘Vorex Logistics offers the flexibility and services needed when pallet configurations can change up to the very last moment. Booking in for deliveries and collections is crucial and, by doing so, Vorex Logistics offers Rhumveld and its customers a regular, high quality guaranteed service.’

Super logistics companies for European wide deliveries:
Food grade accreditation
• SKAL Organic accreditation
• Guaranteed deliveries
• Large consignments delivered by international trailers to minimilise handling

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