Vorex Logistics and The Knights of Old Group start new service: Ireland Express

With the tag-line “you won’t get your pallets to and from Ireland any faster,” Vorex Logistics and The Knights of Old Group launched a brand-new service to Europe’s fastest growing economy.

With Ireland’s impressive growth figures, the time is right to reinforce the cooperation with some of its major trading partners, by means of this service.  For the post-Brexit Britain, this service offers mutual trade interests.

Cooperation between Vorex Logistics and The Knights of Old Group in the development of this service, fits in perfectly with the growing demand in the market. With 460 regular partners and 53,000 employees, the Group has extensive knowledge of all the logistical issues related to transport to and from Ireland, the rest of Europe and beyond.

Equipped in the typical green (Irish) colour while maintaining the original Vorex Logistics and The Knights of Old Group corporate identities, the ‘Ireland Express’ offers among others express service, economy service, specific time deliveries, late cut-off time and a dedicated customer support service, 24/7!

The scope of services which Vorex Logistics and The Knight of Olds Group offer its clients, combined with the service levels which can only be provided by individual parties, is a perfect mix for the success of the group.

With extensive experience in the retail, pharmaceutical and food industries, each pallet/freight through Ireland Express can count on a fast and reliable processing at competitive rates.

For more information: www.irelandexpress.nl and sales@irelandexpress.nl