General Conditions Vorex Logistics B.V.


  • All rates provided are subject to VAT if applicable, even though mentioned ALL IN.
  • Unless otherwise agreed all rates are EXCLUDED:
    • Customs formalities
    • ADR/IMO surcharges (see below)
    • Variable Fuel Surcharge (minimum 0%, see below)
    • BRT/Maut/Tol
    • CAF = Currency Adjustment Value (minimum 0%, see below)
  • All rates may be subject to increase due to fuel escalations & other associated costs beyond our control.
  • All rates are based on 1 loading/1 unloading address.
  • All rates are based on loading/unloading with standard taut liners. Unless Ireland Transport or Overseas, then based on containers.
  • All delivery’s required with distribution trucks (due to small access or tail lift requirements etc.) are upon request against a
    surcharge. If distribution deliveries/collections are required, pallets cannot exceed a height of 220 cms.
  • All collections/deliveries are based on (un)loading times between 08.00-17.00 times without fixed times. If either required
    outside this window or when fixed time, a surcharge applies.
  • No (Euro)Pallet exchange unless otherwise agreed.
  • Loading/Unloading times for FTL’s are 2 hours free of charge.
  • Loading/Unloading times for LTL’s are 1 hour free of charge.
  • Loading/Unloading times up till 4 pallet 0.5 hour free of charge.
  • Excess waiting time chargeable at € 55,00 per hour or part hour after this period.
  • POD’s can be provided by email upon request. Surcharge for this service will be € 7,50 per POD. In some countries, we will
    provide (digital)delivery notes as proof of delivery.
Variable Fuel Surcharge
  • For every € 0,04 increase rates will be adjusted by 1% (Minimum is 0% DOT, no negative fuel surcharge will be applied).
  • Surcharge will be based on the value of fuel, every first of the month based on above source.
CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor)
  • Applicable on transports to and from UK for Euro (€) paying customers.
  • Currency base set at maximum of € 1,20/GBP (Minimum is 0% CAF, no negative CAF surcharge will be applied).
  • Source: DNB Rate Currency 
  • To determine the CAF for the month coming the average value of the pound sterling of the running Month will be compared to
    the value Jan 2015. We have determined the effect of UK haulage on the overall costs to be 35 %.

We can only accept dangerous goods after confirmation (if required) of the ferry company. DGD/DGN is to be provided day before loading.
The surcharge for shipments with dangerous goods class 3, 8 and 9 (no sub risks) and all limited quantity is € 125,- per shipment.
Goods need to be packed according to the ADR regulations and when shipping via Sea also according to IMDG code. All classes excluded
from the above are to be requested.
Exception: all hazardous cargo to or from Scandinavia are per requested rate (depending on weight/classes).

  • 1 m3 = 330 kg
  • 1 loading meter = 1750 kg
  • 1 Euro pallet (120×80) = 700 kg
  • 1 Standard pallet (120×100) = 875 kg

Highest weight/measure equivalent will be used for invoicing purposes.

Transport orders

All bookings are to be provided day before loading before 16.00 hours.


All risk transport insurances will only be provided upon written request.
Exception: High value cargo needs to be insured with an all-risk insurance. These insurance will be provided by Vorex Logistics
B.V. when not in possession of the principal. Charges for this will be 1.5 ‰ based on the value of the cargo.

Customs Formalities
  • EORI number is required
  • Full description of cargo details, exact weights, HS codes is required per booking.
  • Invoice is required with origin, HS codes, weights, value’s etc.
  • Cargo sealed in black foil is not acceptable and will be refused when provided by shipper.
  • Authorization for representation is required to act on your behalf.
  • Issuing EX-A € .. 1 HS code per document/consignment, extra HS € .. each.
    Issuing T1 € .. 1 HS code per document/consignment, extra HS € .. each.
  • Clearing agent will be pointed out by Vorex Logistics, charges for clearance t.b.a.
  • Request for EX-A/T1 etc only possible when transport in control of Vorex Logistics B.V.
  • VAT Reverse charge on Vorex Account only possible when transport in control of Vorex Logistics B.V.
    If VAT Reverse Charge on Vorex Account, payment is required for all VAT charges to Vorex before release of goods.

Above issues could possibly relate to Brexit matters for all transport from and to UK and Northern Ireland. Due to uncertainty on the
matter, we can only advise possibility’s instead of confirmations on what will happen.

  • Day before loading before 16.00 hours CET: free of charge
  • Day before loading after 16.00 hours CET: 70 % of the original agreed freight price
  • Day of loading: 100 % of the original agreed freight price
Payment Terms

Within 30 days net after invoice date. Discrepancies are to be advised within 8 days after receipt of the invoice on


Acceptance of our quotes/rates, will imply all general conditions are accepted and will be executed.

Protective Clause

In case costs will increase, due to circumstances beyond our control, we retain the right to change the mentioned tariffs at any given
The contractor is responsible for the goods to be well packaged for road transport. Taking back packaging will be executed only after
receiving an explicitly written order of the contractor who is also responsible for the costs.
Vorex Logistics B.V. is not liable for delay in deliveries, caused by strikes or operations stack of third parties or any other delays that can be
classified as “force majeure”.


All our operations will be carried out as forwarding agent.

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